The Box Scene Project Visits Glee

In which Heather and Tamila visit Paramount, chat with Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk about Glee’s Kurt and Blaine, and stand where The Box Scene was filmed.

The Box Scene Project is in Los Angeles for our first ever service week. As part of that, we met with Bill, the Executive Director of Young Storytellers. Brad Falchuk co-founded Young Storytellers Foundation almost ten years ago and had graciously provided two autographed scripts of “The First Time.” With those scripts, we were able to raise over $40,000 – their largest single donation ever.

We were in the middle of visiting one of the seven school programs The Box Scene Project is now sponsoring, when Bill turned to us and to our surprise said, “We have to go. Brad’s in a meeting, and will step out because he wants to thank you two.” We hastily packed up and scurried to our vehicle to follow Bill to Paramount (we almost died on the way, but that’s another story).

We arrived at Paramount and Bill escorted us to Brad’s office where we met Telly, the script coordinator for Glee who was filling in for Brad’s usual assistant. Telly walked us through the Paramount lot to the writers’ building, where Glee, The New Normal and American Horror Story are written. We entered and took a left into the Glee Wing and were brought into a vacant writing room. We sat down on a couch (which by chance had two working scripts, one from The New Normal and another from Glee…we only saw titles…no info) and waited for Brad.  Apparently, the room we were seated in was right across the hall from Ryan Murphy’s office and he emerged to chat with Telly and inquire about who we were.

Bill introduced himself to Ryan, and Heather, in all of her infinite wisdom, rose from the couch, stretched out her hand and introduced herself to Ryan Murphy. Tamila followed suit and then a conversation ensued…it went something like this (please note, this was a very pleasant conversation, filled with a lot of laughter, nodding, and smiling. Please read it with that tone)

Bill:  Ryan, these are the ladies from The Box Scene Project that raised all the money for Brad’s charity, Young Storytellers.

Ryan: Oh! Hi!

Tamila: We’ve been meaning to thank you for releasing The Box Scene via Twitter. It meant a lot to everyone.

Ryan (eyes going wide with realization): Oh, so you all must love yourselves some Klaine.

(laughter all around)

Heather: Yep!

Tamila: Yes, everyone does, really!

Ryan: Well, do me a favor. (laughing and smiling) Tell the Klainers to calm down and that everything is going to be alright. Tell them I gave you some secret intel or something and that it’s all going to be okay.

Tamila (chuckling and smiling): We try, but Ryan, this is your fault! You created something people really love and they want it back.

Ryan: And it’ll happen, it just takes time! It’ll be more fulfilling that way.

Heather: It’s about good storytelling.

Ryan: Yeah! You want it to be worth it.

Bill: That’s what we teach the kids. There has to be conflict.

Tamila: We understand that. People just need them back together. Now.

(Brad appears in the doorway)

Ryan: *nods and smiles* Well, it was nice to meet you all!

(Brad enters and we all introduce ourselves)

Brad: I didn’t know The Box Scene was going to be such a big deal. I wrote and filmed it, and I didn’t like the way it turned out, it didn’t really flow and so I was like “just cut it.” I didn’t know people would care so much, but low and behold! (laughs)

Tamila (laughs): You didn’t think people would care?! Brad, people would watch hours of Kurt and Blaine just sitting in a room staring longingly at each other.

Brad: Apparently! We know that now. But see, if we did that, then people would be asking, “why can’t we [referencing other shippers] get an episode like that?”

Heather: Yeah, we understand that, but people love all of their scenes together. Even one or two scenes an episode would make people happy.

Tamila: Yeah, people are excited just to read scenes between the two of them.

Brad: Well, we’re writing a scene now [ep 21 or 22]. Kurt comes back to Ohio, so there’ll be a scene. (Pause…inquisitive, thoughtful, concerned expression) But…do people like them apart? [Read: Do people like Kurt and Blaine as individuals, not in a relationship?]

Tamila: [makes scrunchy-doubty face, cocks head to the side] Ehhhhhh…people definitely love Kurt and Blaine individually as characters. But there’s something about them together, that chemistry that you can’t get anywhere else, and people just want that back. People love that.

Brad: Why is that? What is it about them together?

Tamila: Well, Blaine is great and Kurt is great and when you put that greatness together, it’s like exponential, and people really miss that. They’re willing to donate tons just to read a script.

Heather: Thank you for donating those, by the way.

Brad: No problem. How did you all get the scripts to people anyway?

Heather: We made PDFs and emailed them to donors. We made sure not to just put them on the Internet!

Tamila: [laughs] We were so worried about getting arrested.

Bill: Well, actually, we have lawyers and police outside.

Brad: [laughs]

Tamila: I’m allergic to handcuffs!

Brad: Well, we can certainly do this again. If you think of another script you want or anything like that, just let us know.

Tamila: Well, a Klaine reunion script would certainly raise a lot of money…just putting that out there.

Brad: (smiles and laughs). Have you all seen the sets at all?

Heather & Tamila: No.

Brad: Would you like to?

Heather: We’d love to.

We took pictures with Brad and thanked him again. Then Telly took us and Bill on a tour of the Glee set. We stood in the McKinley auditorium, sat in the choir room, stood in Kurt and Rachel’s apartment, and stood where The Box Scene was filmed (bless!). Spoiler: We also saw a lovely props person (who we profusely commended for her prop work), putting together candles for an upcoming scene in which there will be a blackout at the school.

All in all, an unexpectedly eventful day.

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